well HullOOO GorGeouS!!

Jason and I met in March of 06' and were married by May of 06'!!!! We are expecting our first baby in October and cant wait for our little rocKsTar to get here!

LoVe at FirSt Sight!

LoVe at FirSt Sight!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

our bundle of blue!

Wyatt Rockwell Beals
7lbs 9oz
21 inches
September 26, 2008
born at 1pm
3 day labor and 2 hours of intense pushing ( seriously i had to get surgery 3 months later, i messed myself up so bad!!!!!)
* worth it*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

ooohhh wyatt

we have a baby!

our wonderful baby wyatt finally arrived! i know its been 6 WEEKS since he has been born, but i've been a little busy....he was born Friday, September 26, at 1:30pm. he weighed a perfect 7 pounds 9 ounces, and was 21 inches. he is the best baby and loves his mommy most of all! jason and i could not be more in love with this little one, he has stolen our hearts. i cant believe i am actually a mommy....it is so much more incredible than even my best dreams! oh, i could just peeench those cheeks!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We have never taken the kids here before, and i have to admit, i thought it would be way cooler. but the kids LOVED it and it was nice to get out and hang with our friends! maybe i would have liked it more if i could've played.......??? thanks crystal for chillin with me and being the greatest sister in the world!! the kids love their presents!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

my Hottie turns 31!!

Jason turned 31 on July 18th and we celebrated by having a bash at our new home in Queen Creek! We had such a blast and i think jason had a really great time! he got some sweet presents and we all munched on his favorite SNICKERS cake. I cant believe how fast time is flying! i am so grateful for my wonderful husband and all he sacrifices for me and the kiddos! He is so perfect for me, he tames me down and i rough him up! :) Thank you to all those who made it out for his party! jason and i are truly grateful to all of our friends and family who continually show us how much they love us! Muah!!

our baby boy!

our baby boy!
Wyatt Rockwell Beals
our sweet little boy is quite the GQ model! he was posing like mad for his ultrasound. when we tried to get close up shots of his beautiful face, he put his hands over his face and wouldnt move them! we dont mind waiting......